Introducing, The Singing Removal Man

Little Movers Removals have been operating since June 2006 when the proprietor and owner of the business decided to put to use a vehicle he was already using in the evenings for his first love, music. Chris has been a professional singer since 1998 and on returning to the UK from a four year stint working the hotels around the Spanish islands of Menorca, Mallorca and the Canaries he found himself at a loose end during the day. He say’s “People were always asking me to move things for them as I had a van and the time during the day to move things, so it was staring me in the face really. I enjoyed the work and when I started advertising in a local paper, jobs started to come in, then soon after referrals and word of mouth took over. I still gig at the weekends but I’ve cut the midweek shows out now” The reputation of ‘Little Movers’ grew and in August 2017 Chris moved to Garforth from Swinton near Rotherham. He still […]